About Maica Impact

Maica Impact Inc. is also referred to as TWC Maica Impact (Together We Can Maica Impact), and is a registered non-profit organization consisting of a diverse group of Individuals, who came together primarily to implement positive change in the health and education sectors of Jamaica, but who desire to be able to make an impact in other developing countries around the world. Together we can "Maica Impact."


Together we can Maica Impact: REACH OUT, by GIVING BACK, so that others may RISE ABOVE.

Our slogan reflects the importance of drawing on people in Canadian communities in order to meet the needs of people in developing countries, and our commitment to helping those in need.


TWC Maica Impact is an organization that brings people, businesses and communities together in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad to unite resources and act as a catalyst for positive change in developing countries around the world. Our focus is on communities where children may be disadvantaged by socio-economic status. By drawing on the diversity within Canada, we can unite various skills, intelligences, and other resources to implement positive change around the world.


The mission of TWC Maica Impact is to draw on our diversity of skills, talents, and resources within Canada, in order to be able to influence and improve conditions in the education and health sectors of developing countries by:

1. Developing educational programs and initiatives for children and youth, particularly targeting rural communities or villages.

2. Supporting health programs for children and youth, and raising public awareness of the issues affecting these communities.

3. Assisting in creating opportunities and providing resources that will strengthen families and communities alike in both of these sectors.


  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Generosity
  • Empowerment


  • Founder/Director: Rachael Hernandez
  • Director: Richard Barnett
  • Director: Ilana Munroe
  • Director: Marie Mitchell
  • Director: Sheree Morris
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Barnett