Past Projects

Maica Impact Inc. was only recently registered as a non profit organization; however the vision behind this organization was birthed in 2007 by TDSB secondary school teacher Rachael Hernandez. As far back as she can remember, a desire to help children and adolescents in particular proved to be the driving force behind her choice of career and involvement with students in Canada and abroad. Maica Impact's members have been doing charity work on the island of Jamaica for the last four years. As personal and community interest has grown, so too has Maica Impact's vision and poverty relief projects. Below is a list of communities and institutions that have already been impacted:



Shrewsbury Basic School in St. Elizabeth:

Was given a bathroom renovation as well as 39 bags of school supplies for each child to help with back to school needs


Bright Angels Basic School:

Assistance with building of a playground and safe-proofing the school yard

Open Heart Charitable Mission:

Chicken Plucker Machine sent to assist with the feeding of homeless men and women in Montego Bay



The West indies Scholarship awarded:

UWI Nursing Scholarship valued at $1,500.00 awarded to Ms. Francine Leslie


Ocean View Bible Camp:

Shipped bicycles, clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies, backpacks, school supplies, books and toys to assist with children/families who attend the camp in financial need.


Ocean View Bible Camp, and Shewsbury Basic School:

3 crates of items ranging from children's bicycles, toddler beds, school supplies, backpacks, books, clothing etc.


The West indies Scholarship awarded:

The Nursing Scholarship of $2500.00 was awarded to Lattar Baker.



The 3D project-A new centre for disabled children in Mandeville:

Sent $ 55,000 (JAD) or $600.00 (CAD) to help pave the front of the building to make it wheel chair accessible.


Black River Hospital (St. Elizabeth) C/O: Dr. Michael Coombs:

Shipment: 10 boxes of medical supplies (syringes, isolation gowns, trachea tubes, bandages, first aid supplies, etc.)



Flagaman Community Centre C/O: Ms. Rose Marie Stewart :

Shipment: 1 barrel of school supplies, clothing, shoes, bedding, toys, and books

Group of 80 disabled Children (Mandeville) C/O: Carol Coombs :

Shipment: 2 boxes of art supplies, books, toys, games, etc.



SOS Children's Village (Barrett Town) C/O: Ms. Charlene :

Organized and taught a 3 day art and literacy program. Shipped 2 barrels of over 150 books, toys, bedding, pots and pans, hygiene products, etc. Donated $250.00 cash to assist with school fees.

Mount Olive Basic School C/O: Carolyn Clarke :

Brought 2 bags of school supplies and donated them while on the John Hall Tour.



Calabar Early Childhood Institution C/O:

Joined with community organization Metro PHASE 1 in the collecting and shipping of outdoor playground equipment, toys, books, bicycles, etc.