Current Projects

Project One: University of the West Indies Nursing Program Scholarship

The Maica Impact University of the West Indies Nursing Scholarship is awarded to individuals in financial need. Maica Impact partners with the University in Jamaica to assist students in meeting their financial and educational goals as they pursue a post-secondary education. Each year we aim to provide TWO scholarships valued at $2,500.00 (CAD) each. (Average yearly tuition for the program is $5,000.00 USD).

Total Goal: $5,000.00 - 100% Complete

Project Two: God's School Basic School

Upgrade the teacher's education to help to improve the chances of this school meeting the requirements necessary to get government funding.

Cost: $612.00 (CAD)

Minor repairs on the school structure.

Estimated Cost: $500.00 (CAD)

Total Goal: $1,100.00 - 100% Complete

Project Three: Health Fair 2016

Assist with running a health fair in January and March 2017 in various communities on the island. Your donation would help us to purchase the following:

  1. Cholestrol testing machine - Approx. $30,000.00 (JMD)
  2. Cholestrol stripes (25 strips) - $3,500.00 × 8 = $28,000.00 (JMD)
  3. Dental supplies (propitiate) including gloves, mask, wipes, antiseptic, cups, material for cleaning - Approx. $40,000.00 (JMD)
  4. 2 Blood Pressure machines - $9,000.00 × 4 = $36,000.00 (JMD)

Total Goal: $1,340.00 - 100% Complete

Note: If you would still like to donate to this project, we can purchase more supplies needed for this health fair.

Project Four: Stackable Cots for Children

Replace the one foam mattress with 5 stackable cots for Mount Olive Basic School for children to sleep on, and provide age appropriate reading material.

Cost: $600.00 (CAD)

Shipping costs - $200.00 (CAD)

Total Goal: $800.00 - 100% Complete

New projects will be released in August 2017.