University of the West Indies Nursing Program Scholarship

The Nursing program at the Mona Campus has the highest rate of financial delinquency with 20% of students having to drop out of the program for not being able to afford the $5,000.00 CAD/year tuition fee. We would like to support Jamaica's youth pursue careers in the health field by providing TWO $2,500.00 scholarships (one for a male and one for a female) to help offset the cost and encourage more males to join the program. The criteria for the MAICA IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP include financial need, as well as a 250 word essay explaining how the candidate has made an impact in his/her community, or how they would like to make an impact through their career choice.

Award Recipients:

Lattar Baker

...As well as helping to standardize nursing documentation I would also like to assist in giving quality health care which will enhance the quality of life of each individual seeking care. The main aim of nursing for me is to ensure that the services offered can prevent illness, promote and restore health, and alleviate suffering. -Lattar Baker

Francine Leslie

Throughout my life, I have seen many people in poverty...I wanted to help them, yet I did not know how to! Now that I am older and have a better understanding, I know that I can do my part. Countries like Jamaica that lack good health care, gave me the desire to contribute in some way to the country of my birth...When I receive my degree and on my journey there, I will work to become the great Nurse I dare to be and make a difference. -Francine Leslie

Vanessa Leslie

Nursing has always been a passion of mine, However, I started to lose hope when my father, who was assisting me financially fell ill and could no longer help. I never thought I would have gotten a chance to finish my courses or graduate. Because of the assistance from your foundation I am now a step closer to clearing the balance on my tuition in order to collect my degree. I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goal just as you've helped me. -Vanessa Leslie

Donalecia Morris

I am honored to be the recipient of the Maica Impact Scholarship. I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the tremendous support that you have provided me... This scholarship has allowed me to not only maintain focus on my studies but has given me the opportunity to be brought closer to my goal. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to continue to work hard. -Donalecia Morris

Nadja Brown

As an individual who aspires to make a difference in the world of nursing and in the world as a whole, it gives me no greater satisfaction than to know that there are organisations and individuals out there who are in support of making my dreams a reality. By awarding me the Maica Impact Scholarship, you have alleviated me of all the burdens associated with worrying about my financial status and now I can focus on achieving academic mastery. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and to give back to the community. -Nadja Brown

Joy Odusanya

I feel elated for being chosen and encouraged that my hard work was not in vain...I am no longer heavily laden by the uncertainties arising from being unable to cover this semester's fees...Thank you Maica Impact Scholarship donors for believing in my potential and for providing me with the opportunity to continue my studies as a prospective registered nurse. -Joy Odusanya